PUCM set to hold first China Smart Industry Exhibition in 2019

17 Jun 2019
PUCM set to hold first China Smart Industry Exhibition in 2019
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PUCM set to hold first China Smart Industry Exhibition in 2019 


(17th June Bernama) China Entrepreneurs Association in Malaysia (PUCM) today announced it will host the China Smart Industrial Exhibition later in December this year to showcase Chinese companies’ smart technology and products.


The exhibition will take place at Mid valley in December and will feature leading ICT companies such as China Mobile International, China Telecom, China Commservice, GCI, Vivo Technology and Tusstar among others,  said PUCM president Datuk Keith Li after the association’s annual general meeting last Saturday.


Through this exhibition, Li said PUCM will enable Malaysian smart industry  trade players and others to learn more about China's smart technology and product services, better promote exchanges and interactions with the local community, introduce more advanced Chinese products and technologies to Malaysia, and assist the country’s economic development.  


Li pointed out that when Prime Minister Tun Mahathir Mohamad was in China in April, he visited Huawei and Sensetime, and expressed an interest in bringing their technology and artificial intelligence (AI) solutions to Malaysia.  Tun Mahathir also recently stressed that Malaysia is open to extensively using Huawei technology. Li said this is an affirmation of the Malaysian government’s positive view of AI and other advanced technologies Chinese companies can provide.


On Saturday, PUCM also held a joint charitable event with E-Beauty Group, inviting 28 orphans for luncheon and group activities. Mdm Qu Huan, E-Beauty Group CEO and PUCM committee member told Bernama that PUCM has been conducting charity events throughout the year, helping to show that companies from China care about the local community.


PUCM was established in 2015 and currently has  124 members. It is the most active and locally recognised China association in Malaysia. PUCM members have invested in a variety of business sectors such as information technology, construction, mining, oil & gas, telecommunications, energy, retail, manufacturing, education, healthcare, media and tourism, and have been making a significant contribution to Malaysia’s economic development, the President Datuk Keith Li said.


He added that PUCM has been actively promoting Chinese companies and communicating with the local community through such creative methods as shooting Chinese New Year and Hari Raya video clips, holding seminars and forums, interacting with the Bumiputera community and holding charity events. PUCM also interacts regularly with local and international media.






马新社17日讯: 马来西亚-中国企业家联合会(PUCM15日成功举行2019常年会员大会,通过多项议案,包括12月在吉隆坡谷中城举办首届中国智能科技展览会,展示中国企业在智能科技方面的产品与技术。另外大会也通过了关于在其他州属成立分会的议案,联合会将首先在会员较多的柔佛州成立分会。
















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