会长致辞 President Speech

                Speech by  Dato Keith Li, President of PUCM  8th  March 2018 PUCM 2nd Anniversary
YB Dato' Sri Liow Tiong Lai ,  MCA President& Minister of Transport, Malaysia;
 Mr Chen Chen , minister counselor of China Embassy In Malaysia Representing Ambassador Bai Tian;
Tan sri Pheng Yin Huah,president Huang Zong
Tan Sri Matshah Safuan- President of Perdasama
Dato' Abdul Majid Ahmad Khan, President of PPMC
Medias & Friends, PUCM members, ladies & gentlemen , good evening.
Besides all of these  VVIPS , i also extend my gratitude to our 22 companies sponsoring this anniversary including our Pelantinum Sponsor MRCB, also China Construction Yangze RIver (M) Sdn Bhd. and others.
I also want to take this opportunity  to say thank you to our friends come far away from north Malaysia state of Perlis. tqvm.
Tonight we have 13 local key association leaders n representatives to to be with us, as well as Chinese , English & Malay medias. Without supports and corporation from all of you here tonight, PUCM could not carry out its missions so smooth during past 2 years.
Twenty years  living in Malaysia and thirteen years Managing China Chinese-based association in Malaysia have told me that China entrepreneurs and companies need to better promote the best version of themselves and to obtain more positive recognition from  Malaysia society.
Over the past two years, PUCM has done a lot of hard work and achieved positive results in communicating with the Malaysian community and in promoting good values of the China Chinese and China companies. Nevertheless, I still think  that it is still far from enough. The following are some efforts undertaken by PUCM to carry out its mission:
We joined hands with Mango Media of Hunan TV, to launch our 1st CNY  short film (blockbuster) in Malaysia, which has perfectly demonstrated a win-win situation for China companies to invest and to live harmoniously with all races  in Malaysia. This New Year short film  has been warmly responded by both Malaysian and Chinese community.
We joined hands with China National Tourism Administration(CNTA) to jointly  launch “Beautiful China” series events and worked closely with more than ten (10) key associations in promoting beautiful China image as well as the China companies and China products, which all received good response from the local society.
We work side by side with Xinhua News Agency To   cultivate positive energy and promote good will & image of China companies to Malaysian society all the year round , including our significant trip to perlis. thank you very much Mr. Lin Hao of Xinhua News Agency. we wish to work even closer with you in coming years.
PUCM has become the first China association to walk into the Malay community by visiting the northern state of Malaysia – Perlis, from the Malay ruler’s palace to the local state government, from local business community to the university campus , from poor community to the orphanage house, we cycling with Tuanku Raja Muda for charity , all the way  seamlessly promoting and presenting the  good will and good image of the China Entrepreneurs and China companies.
 In coming 2018 , PUCM will continue our efforts to promote China entrepreneurs & enterprises in Malaysia:
1. We are planning our 1st Hari Raya Short Movies with Mango Media, this time we wish more people join us including our VVIPs today and  all PUCM  members . Of course,  Sponsorship is always welcome.
2. We will continue to jointly organise our Beautiful China events this year with Huazong,  PPMC & some other local key associations
3. We are planning joint events with Perdasama for Tun Razak Friendship golf challenge “ . We wish could get PM to join us again.
4. We still wish to work With Xinhua News Agency for better promoting China entrepreneurs & enterprises under the belt & road initiative.
5. We are also planning for a business trip to some other states for investment opportunities & interactions with local communities, and carry out our CSR, maybe this year we choose East Malaysia;
6. In order to better promote and present the China Entrepreneurs and China companies, today we launch Malaysia’s first English-Chinese bilingual magazine which focus on reporting  China Entrepreneurs and China companies, entitled “Malaysia-China Entrepreneurs” and hopes that its introduction can better achieve our goal to spread the positive energy in Malaysia.
 Ladies & Gentlemen, this magazine has received lots of   Blessings & Congratulations from  many people, including our Hornorable Tuanku Raja Muda Perlis, Minister of Transport Malaysia, as well as China Ambassador to Malaysia.
Just This Morning , i received another congratulation message from Another very Important Person in Malaysia:
yes, he is Dato Sri Najib Bin Tun Razak, Prime Minister  of M’sia.
Many People ask me why so many people come & help PUCM?
My answer is : A justice career  wins more support, while an unjust one gets less.
in Chinese: 得道多助,失道寡助。
ladies and gentlemen , Strengthening Malaysia China Friendship is a long term mission. We wish to get more supports from Malaysia & China Government bodies, and work together with more China entrepreneurs & Enterprises, as well as people from all walks of life caring Malaysia & China Friendship and corporation to target a higher , faster and stronger bilateral relationship.
in the last , i finish my speech today with the couplet we just wrote with Tuanku raja Muda & Minister of Transport, and Minister Counsellor Chen Chen of China Embassy:
Belt & Road Initiative compose a new chapter of corporation,
M’sia & China work together for a win-win brilliant future.
PUCM will continue to prosper !
尊敬的玻璃市州摄政王东姑赛法祖汀陛下,马华总会长兼马来西亚交通部长拿督斯里廖中莱,中国驻马来西亚特命全权大使代表,中国驻马大使馆公使衔参赞陈辰先生,华总总会长丹斯里方天兴,马来人工商联合会总会长丹斯里matshah Safuan, 马中友好协会会长拿督马吉德,马中总商会第一副总会长卢国祥先生,新华社吉隆坡分社社长林昊先生,PUCM法律顾问李素桦律师,
我们的首席赞助商:Mr.Kwan Joon Hoe, 马资源控股集团首席运营官 ,金牌赞助商中建三局马来西亚公司CEO周勇先生,还有东协资源主席拿督严孟杰,海鸥集团总经理陈祈福,PUCM顾问拿督胡逸山博士等。
    去年, 我们携手湖南卫视芒果传媒推出了中国人在马第一部贺岁片“新喜象”,充分展示了中国企业投资大马与各民族和谐共处取得共赢的局面,在马来西亚社会取得了热烈的反响。
       PUCM也和马中两国主要机构和媒体建立了密切的联系与合作。在此我也要特别感谢长期对PUCM及中国企业的正能量给予报道的媒体:新华社,bernama, harian metro, utusan, malaymail, 星洲,南洋,中国,东方等本地知名媒体。
2,我们将继续和华总,马中友好协会,马中文化艺术协会,马中总商会,马华一带一路中心等机构联合举办“美丽中国” 2018 -丝路传情,茶香万里 的活动;
       为了更好地宣传和展示中国人、中国企业,今天我们推出大马第一本全面介绍中国企业、企业家的中英文杂志- “马中企业家”,希望它的问世可以更好地达成我们在大马为传播中国人、中国企业正能量的愿望。
       最后我还想用今天和摄政王,交通部长和公使衔参赞书写的对联作为今天的结束语:“一带一路谱新章,马中合作创辉煌” 横批: PUCM旺旺旺!
     2018年3月8日 马来西亚 吉隆坡


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